Vitality Classes

People with a variety of medical conditions can have fun getting active with the support of our specially trained Vitality instructors. What is Vitalit
Older person at vitality class

What is Vitality?

Our fun and friendly Vitality classes have been specially designed for people living with a range of medical conditions such as: Parkinson's disease, MS, Stroke, Cardiac Conditions, Osteoporosis, Cognitive impairments and COPD..

They are also suitable if someone has a fear of falling or find that strength and balance issues are impacting on daily life. Our welcoming and supportive instructors will give you the confidence to join in, get active and lead a fuller, more independent life.

There are four 'levels' of class. Not sure what is right for you? Find out more below. We can also help guide you to a level of activity that best suits your needs, making sure you are safe, comfortable and above all else having fun.

If you'd like additional advice, please call us for more information on 0141 287 9882 or you can find out more by emailing us

Strength & Balance Class

Designed for those who walk slowly and may use a mobility aid, this class improves strength and balance to help you feel steadier on your feet. This class is suitable for people with breathing difficulties.

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Strength & Balance Circuit

Ideal for people who are mobile (with or without a mobility aid) but who may struggle with some movements and everyday activities such as stairs. This class is also suitable for people with breathing difficulties.

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Step In Circuit

Designed for those with independent mobility but may have some difficulty doing daily activities. It is suitable for those who want to return to or maintain their activity levels, meet new people and have fun whilst improving strength, co-ordination, fitness and flexibility.

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Step Up Circuit

For those who are mobile (without an aid) and who have minimal difficulty doing daily activities. This class will help improve fitness and strength.

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