Terms & Conditions Update May 2024

Important Update - Booking and Membership Terms and Conditions

There have been some changes to our booking and membership terms and conditions.

These changes are aimed at ensuring equitable access to our venues for all users, maintaining consistency and fairness in our operations, and safeguarding the long-term future of our service.

Please take a moment to review the updated membership and booking terms which can also be found here or on our mobile app.

Here's a brief overview of the key updates:

Membership Terms

Amendment - 2. Cancelling Membership - we do not offer suspension of any membership type. If you need to stop your membership, we will be sorry to see you go. You simply need to cancel your Direct Debit instruction to pay “Culture & Sport Glasgow” by the 20th of the month before your next payment (usually the 7th of each month). Failure to provide appropriate notice may result in additional fees.

Amendment - 3. Membership is for the Glasgow Club network, not an individual venue. For this reason, refunds will not be offered when individual venues or facilities must close for maintenance or large events. If you will be unable to make use of your membership for a period, you may stop it using the cancellation procedure (described above) and rejoin at a suitable time.

Addition - 12. Members commit to respecting accessible parking bays. Parking in a marked bay without a valid blue badge may result in a one-month membership suspension. Repeated violations may lead to termination of membership.

Booking Terms:


Addition - 26. Any individual or group found to be misusing junior or concession discounts will have their account suspended immediately, and their eligibility for discounted rates on future bookings will be removed.

These terms and conditions will automatically apply to all bookings and existing memberships.

Thank you for your attention to these changes.