NOTE: This applies from Friday 1 March 2024

We want to make sure there's a space for customers who need to travel by car so we have repaired the barriers.

1. Entering the car park

the entry to a car park with a white painted arrow on the road pointing towards a closed barrier

Drive slowly towards the entry barrier and it will open automatically.

2. Before returning to your car

a diagram showing an option to use a 4-digit code or a silicone RFID wristband

You'll see a 4-digit code on posters in the corridors to activity areas. This makes the code available to those taking part in an activity. The code changes daily. Make a note of it before returning to your car or wear your RFID wristband. 

3. Leaving the car park

the exit to a car park with a barrier and, circled in orange, a keypad to enter a code to open it

Approach the exit barrier slowly, stopping at the keypad and scanner (circled in orange in the picture above)

4. Opening the exit barrier

A diagram showing a numeric keypad where a code can be entered and an RFID reader below it where a wristband can be scanned

Either enter the 4-digit code on the numeric keypad or scan your Glasgow Club wristband on the black reader beneath it and the barrier will open. If the barrier does not open please park nearby and return to reception for assistance.