Who am I?

I have always been involved with sport & being active however I have also experienced a time when I stepped back from a healthy lifestyle & became overweight. I know how it feels when you are not feeling comfortable in your own body. During my four years of college, I have done all sorts of training such as cardiovascular, endurance, hypertrophy & I am currently doing strength training. I like to blend & try new things to stay motivated. I appreciate life & I truly believe in attacking life & making the most of any occasion.


What I do

As a personal trainer my aim is to help you meet your goals, provide support make sure your sessions are as fun & enjoyable as possible. I believe strength training is important to build a foundation properly. When you have built a strong foundation, you are in a much better position to reach the physique you are looking for. I would like to share my passion for fitness & health with as many people as I can & try to help you to achieve a better quality of life.  I have learned the functioning of the body & I want to share my knowledge with you. 

What I offer

  • Full Gym based programmes
  • Nutrition Advice


  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 2 Kettlebells
  • Studio Cycling Instructor

Contact Details


07412 603339