Tollcross Pool Refurbishment Works

Back pool within Glasgow Club Tollcross

Tollcross International Swim Centre opened in 1997, quickly becoming a popular and important venue in Glasgow for the provision of all types of swimming. It is a well-used local pool, attracting over 1,000 visitors per day, including those living in the nearby community and swimmers from across Glasgow. Over this time, it has also served as a major competition venue for local, national, and international swimming events.

As with any swimming pool, continued investment is required to support the long-term provision of swimming. 

Work has now started on the main pool hall. The programme of work includes re-tiling the pool and refurbishing the pool filtration system.

The aim is to ensure the swimming pool is maintained and remains operational for the future.

During this time, all existing pool groups, including public swim sessions, will take place in the newly refreshed warm up pool. The learner and splash pools will also remain open.

This approach will ensure Tollcross International Swim Centre will continue to deliver public swimming, learn to swim classes and a club programme, while carrying on as a venue for important swim events.

Thank you for your understanding while we undertake the work to ensure we continue to provide a high-quality swim experience at Glasgow Club Tollcross in the future.