How do refunds work?

Paid Activity Bookings

We know how disappointing it is when we cancel an activity you've been looking forward to, so we want to ensure you’re not inconvenienced more than necessary. Refunds are handled differently depending on where you made payment for an activity.

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If you booked and paid your activity online, there’s no need to worry - we'll automatically arrange a refund for you. Typically, you'll see this in your bank account within 5 working days. However, this can take up to 10 working days depending on your bank's processes.

If you made your payment at the venue, you have two options available:

  • We're happy to help you transfer your booking to another date or activity. To do this you can drop in to see us at reception or phone the specific venue 
  • Alternatively, if you'd like a refund, simply visit us in person, and we'll process it using your original payment method (e.g. if you paid by card we'll refund it to the same card).

Vending Machine Refunds

If you experienced difficulty with a vending machine and didn't receive the item you paid for in a Glasgow Club venue. Click below to find out how you get a refund

Vending machines are owned and taken care of by the supplier.

This means they can quickly and easily handle any issues, including refunds directly into your bank account.  

Contact details for the supplier are available on each of the vending machines.

Payment taken but booking unsuccessful

If you have been charged for an activity but something went wrong and booking has not been made, or you think you may have been charged twice for an activity.

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When you make an online booking your payment is processed by a secure centre which then updates our system to say whether it was successful. Once this is complete, your booking is confirmed.

It's very rare, but occasionally the connection between the payment service and our system is lost or interrupted, and we do not get confirmation of your successful payment.

If confirmation is not received within 15 minutes, your booking is automatically deleted. This happense because our system has no way to know if you've simply changed your mind and the space needs to be made available again to other customers.

Don't worry—we receive a notification from the payment processing centre if our system couldn't be reached and we will take care of any refund due.

If our payment provider cannot reach our booking system to finalise your booking after payment has been collected from your card we will take the following action:

  1. If there's time (and space) to get you booked into your original activity/time slot we'll try and contact you to check whether you'd like us to book you in manually or whether you'd prefer a refund.
  2. If we can't reach you or there's no remaining space or your tell us you'd prefer not to book, we will process a refund immediately and the amount you paid will be returned to the account associated with your card within 10 business days. It's usually faster but  depends on your card issuer. Our payment provider will send you confirmation by email.