Proof of Age

Ensuring the safety of all our visitors is a top priority for us. Verifying age helps us to do that and also ensures everyone is charged the correct rate for membership and activities. 

Accepted proofs include:

Driving licence (including provisional)

Pass proof of age card (ie. Young Scot, National Entitlement, Post Office)


Birth certificate

Student card showing date of birth

Biometric residents’ card

Once you've registered for a booking card or signed up for one of our under 22 year old memberships, you can simply show your proof of age at reception or upload a photo if it’s easier.  This should be done within 7 days. 

If you need any assistance with providing proof of age, any of our team at the venue can help. Alternatively, you can email our helpful Customer Experience team at

You'll be unable to book activities if proof of age is not been provided within 7 days of joining or registering for a booking card.

Although this is the case, membership payments will continue to be collected as normal until you cancel your membership.