Fix a Problem With Our App

Help if you run into issues with the Glasgow Club App

Step-by-step assistance

Sorry you're having problems. Please work through each step below. Most have instructions specific to the type of phone or tablet you have (Apple or Android). This should help you find the solution to the most likely issues with the app or rule it out so you can move onto the next step.


1. Known Issue(s)

A bug may be affecting all app users or those with either Apple or Android phones/tablets. If so we'll list it here and it means we already know about it and are working on a fix:

Current status: There are NO known issues at this time. 

If no-one else you know who has the app is seeing the same problem or you're unable to check this with anyone, please proceed to the next step and test before moving on if the problem hasn't been resolved.


2. Quit and Restart the App

NOTE: We don't just mean swipe up then tap the app icon again. Phones and tablets usually leave apps running in the background and if something has gone wrong, here are instructions to close the app completely and then reopen it to check if the problem persists:


3. Log out and back into the App

If there have been recent changes to your Glasgow Club membership account, you aren't logged in yet or something has gone wrong with your connection to our membership system, making sure you are logged in with the correct account and signing out and back in again can often resolve this. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Glasgow Club App
  • Tap the Menu (top-left of the screen)
  • Tap Accounts
  • Tap Sign Out (bottom of the screen)
  • Tap OK
  • Tap Menu (top left of the screen)
  • Tap any Venue name
  • Tap My Bookings and log in again

4. Restart your phone or tablet

Your phone or tablet is like a tiny computer and like all computers, sometimes things go wrong that can only be resolved by "turning it off and turning it back on again". The first thing to try is simply powering it off - here's how

If simply powering the device off does not help, then a "Force Restart" may be required. This bypasses the usual, careful shutdown protocols the device goes through when you tell it to turn off it best to only use a force restart when you have to. But when you have to, it's your best friend:


3. Check for Operating System Updates

Your phone or tablet should have one of two operating systems - iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) or Android (other device brands).

The system providers release updates from time to time, introducing new features and better security. It is important to check your device has the latest version it can run. 

If there's an update available but not installed arious apps on your phone or tablet may stop working.

Tap your device type below for instructions on how to check for updates:


4. Check for App updates

Updates for our app are released frequently to keep it running smoothly and  introduce new features. It's best to have the latest version installed and you can check if this is the case by visiting the app's page in your device's app store. If you see an "Update" button then tap it for the latest version. If you see an "Open" button then you already have the latest. 


5. Check device compatibility

Phones and tablets can become too old to be able to support recent versions of the operating system. All apps have a "minimum version" of it they can run on. This keeps the app features current and your information secure. You can check if our app will still run on your device by visiting the app page in your phone/tablet app store:


6. Delete and re-install the app

Sometimes the only way to resolve an issue with an app is to delete it and re-install it. Here are steps to do this depending on the type of device you have:

Apple phone or tablet (e.g. iPhone/iPad)

  1. Tap and hold the Glasgow Club app icon on your phone/tablet homescreen
  2. Tap Remove App
  3. Tap Delete App
  4. Open the App Store app
  5. Search for Glasgow Club and tap ☁️ to re-download it

Android phone or tablet (e.g. Samsung, Google, OnePlus or other brand)

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon
  3. Tap Manage apps and devices then Manage
  4. Find and Tap Glasgow Club
  5. Tap Uninstall
  6. Open the Google Play Store app
  7. At the top right, tap the profile icon
  8. Tap Manage apps and devices then Manage
  9. Tap the Installed button and change it to Not installed
  10. Tap the checkbox next to Glasgow Club and then tap install (downward arrow, top-right)

7. Tried all these steps and still have problems?

Please contat us by email at: remembering to include:

  • full description (screenshots/video if possible) of what you're experiencing
  • which venue home screen you're using
  • the brand of device you're using
  • which version of the app you have installed*

To check the app version you're running tap the Menu ≡ (top-left of the app home screen) and look for the number at the bottom of the slide-out window