Fitness Journey

Lifetime one-to-one support
Someone working out in a gym using resistance bands while an instructor provides encouragement

Become a gym-goer not just a gym member!

Glasgow Club is unique - we don't offer a "gym induction" - instead, all our membership plans include our Fitness Journey - a series of free one-to-one appointments. Members can book all four stages then keep re-booking "review" appointments monthly.

We know it can be hard to get started and even harder to stick at things. Even the most experienced fitness fans can get stuck in a rut and feel the need to switch things up so they feel inspired and see results. 

We came up with the Fitness Journey because:

  • Many gyms don’t even offer an induction
  • After an induction you’re usually on your own unless you pay for personal training
  • It can be hard to set goals and measure your progress
  • If you’re going to invest in a gym membership we want you to see the changes that made you want to join.

NOTE: completing the first two Fitness Journey stages is mandatory for new members aged 12-17 years old before using the gym independently.

Discover and book each step of the Glasgow Club Fitness Journey

Everyone's experience and goals are different so this appointment is unique to you. You may want a tour of the venue, advice on suitable classes or to get more familiar with gym kit. We’ll get you going with the best possible start, help you understand the measurements which really matter and set up for success with realistic goals and ways to track progress.
A gym member and a trainer in conversation
Using your “First Step” session results, our team of experts will show you how to progress and challenge yourself with a personalised fitness programme. We’ll introduce you to new equipment, work on techniques and introduce training styles specifically designed to enhance your results.
A gym instructor guiding a customer on how to use a cable resistance machine in a gym
A “catch up” session to review your experience, improve your workout and make sure you are enjoying your programme. That’s the secret to keeping you going!
An instructor in a gym helping a woman perfect her barbell deadlift technique
A plan which is current, challenging and enjoyable keeps motivation high. Book these 1-to-1 appointments monthly for the latest training techniques and support. We’ll help you measure your success so you can demonstrate your progress as well as reviewing your short and long term goals.