Fit For 2 Classes

Helping parents stay active
A spin class including one participant reaching down to soothe their baby who is in a pram beside their bike

Keep moving when you can't find childcare

When you're a parent it's not always easy to fit in a workout, especially if you can't arrange childcare. We offer a "Fit For 2" version of a number of popular fitness classes and these are designed to let you work out and bring the little one along.

Children can attend the session as long as they are able to remain seated (babies and toddlers within a car seat or buggy), allowing you to keep a watchful eye on them in the class.

To make the experience comfortable for little ears, the music will be played at a lower volume than a regular class.

Discover Fit For 2 Classes

Fit For 2 Cycle
Three people on exercise bikes with a pram in between two of them
Fit For 2 Legs Bums & Tums
Coach and class holding squat position
Fit For 2 Metafit
Three people mid-air doing knee jumps
Fit For 2 Circuits
A group of participants in a fitness studio taking part in a Circuit class. They're  running on the spot and lifting their knees high
Fit For 2 Yoga
Three people on mats doing child pose
Fit For 2 Core Blast
Group of people sitting on floor reaching forward with hands touching

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What is Fit For 2?