What's a Member ID and why do you need it?

Your Member ID is a sequence of numbers unique to your account in our membership and booking software. It's assigned automatically when you first register with us. A unique Member ID means our system can tell the difference between users who share the same email (e.g. a family or shared email). 

You may be asked to provide it the first time you visit if you signed up online. If you need to reset your password (to log in to our app or online booking) you may also be asked to provide it.

Find it in your email inbox

We send you an email that includes your Member ID when you register with us so searching your inbox for the term Member ID or looking at other emails or a letter you've received from us may help you locate it.

Find it in the Glasgow Club App

You can check if you're logged into our app (and if so, with which account) by tapping the "My Info" button on the app home screen. If you're logged in already then you'll see your ID under "General Details"

If however you're prompted to log in, you'll need to enter the email and password for your account to access this information. If you don't know that you'll probably need to try searching your email inbox, contact us by email or visit us for help with finding your Member ID.

Find it in Online Booking

If you know the email and the password for an account you have registered with us, but just want to take a note of the member ID for future reference, you can log into our booking page and then click "My Account" at the top-right of the screen to see details.

Still can't find it?

Sorry. You can contact us to request your Member ID, providing some other details that will help us locate your account (e.g. postcode, email, date of birth) and validate it's you who wants to know and we'll get back to you with your Member ID as soon as we can.

You can email our customer support team for help or ask for assistance at any of our venues. You'll find each venue's opening hours and phone number by following it's link from our "Venues" page