Corporate Membership

Become a Glasgow Club Corporate Partner

Would you like to promote an active lifestyle and benefit from a motivated and productive workforce? With a Glasgow Club corporate partnership you can make easier for employees to become active by helping them save on the cost of a gym membership. They’ll be spoilt for choice with access to top-of-the-range gym equipment, a fitness classes timetable that offers something for everyone and a variety of swimming pools across the city.

Becoming a partner couldn’t be easier. All we ask is your company employs around 500 or more people in the Glasgow area and you’re able to promote the membership offer to your employees.

How the scheme works

We ask you to provide contact details for a nominated "corporate contact". Ideally this is someone who can communicate with the entire workforce, keeping them up to date with Glasgow Club offers and promotions on a regular basis. You then choose which payment option you would like to make available to your employees (options below).

A visit from our team can be arranged to sign up an initial intake of employees and then details of additional employees joining the scheme can be sent to us by your nominated corporate contact at a frequency that suits.

Option 1

Your organisation purchases memberships - each one is charged as an annual lump sum - at a pre-agreed frequency and Glasgow Life invoices you for these directly. You are then free to deduct the employee’s contribution (if any) from their wage to recover either part or the full membership fee over time.

You would provide us with minimal details for the employee, allowing us to add the membership record to our system. The employee would then complete the remaining details themselves and collect their membership card on their first visit to a venue.

Option 2

The corporate contact sends us completed membership agreement forms at a pre-agreed frequency. This let's us to add the memberships to our system and we would invoice your organisation for whatever part of the payment you want to provide as a subsidy and we collect the remaining balance from each employee’s nominated bank account by monthly direct debit.

Ready to get started? Have more questions?

If you'd like to apply to become a corporate partner or want more information, please email our Customer Service team and we’ll be happy to help.