Each venue has it's own "home screen" in our app. Glasgow Club membership lets you use ALL our venues across the city. You may want to see what's on and make bookings at a few venues. Here's how...

Add a venue to the app

You choose a venue (or "club" as the app calls them) when you first download the app but if you want to add another, follow these steps:

  1. Tap ☰
    Menu (top-left)
  2. Tap 🤍
    My Clubs (left)
  3. Tap +
    Add (top-right)
  4. Tap any Venue name


Switch between venues

Once you have more than one venue (or "club" as the app calls them) added to the app, follow these steps to move between them:

  • Tap ☰
    Menu (top-left)
  • Tap a Venue name
    from Recent Clubs (top-left)


Can't see the venue / club you're looking for?

  • Tap 🤍
    My Clubs (left)